Commercial Aluminum Roofing Installation and Repair

Commercial Aluminum Roofing System

Aluminum Roofing Materials Come In Many Different Colors and Styles.

Commercial aluminum roofing materials are an excellent choice for industrial and commercial buildings. Not only does aluminum provide excellent protection, but it also offers your building a unique appearance. There are many different ways to install a commercial aluminum roof, and the materials can be attached to both flat and sloped roofing system. If you would like to schedule an installation for commercial aluminum roofing with Five Star Roofing, call our office at (866) 902-3252. We offer a variety of services for commercial aluminum roofing, including repairs and roof coatings. Let us help you with your commercial metal roofing needs.

Benefits of Installing Commercial Metal Roofing Materials

Roofer Installing Commercial Aluminum Roofing Panels

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Aluminum is a very lightweight material that offers excellent energy efficient benefits for your business. Installation is a very easy process, and often times it can be attached directly on top of your current roofing materials. A commercial aluminum roofing system is an extremely durable and long-lasting. The material is completely resistant to rust and corrosion, making it an ideal choice for businesses near the coasts. If it is properly installed with the right underlayment and sheathing, a commercial aluminum roof can be completely resistant to fire damage. Aluminum roofing materials are also able to withstand strong winds and hail storms.

If you want to install an aluminum commercial roof, there are many different styles you can choose from. For your sloped commercial roof, a standing seam or metal shingle roof offers excellent protection and a bold aesthetic. If you have a flat or low sloped roof, we recommend either flat panels or a standing seam roofing system. All styles of commercial aluminum roofing materials should be coated after the installation is complete to protect the materials from damage and prolong the functionality of the roof.

Schedule Your Commercial Aluminum Roofing Repairs

While aluminum is a very strong, durable material, it can still be damaged by extreme weather and time. If you require commercial aluminum roofing repairs services, we are here to help. We offer both panel replacement and metal roof coating services to resolve any issue you may experience. Call (866) 902-3252 to receive excellent services for your commercial aluminum roof from Five Star Roofing. We are your local commercial metal roofing experts.