Foam Roofing Installation

Are you looking to improve your commercial roofing with a more effective roof solution? For a solution that offers simple installation, as well as a seamless composition, consider our polyurethane foam roofing solutions! This roof method, created from isocyanate and polyol, is a liquid that is spray-applied onto your roofing, and then sealed with an incredibly durable elastomeric coating. This type of roofing solution is great for commercial structures, as it delivers superior protection from UV rays and exceptional leak protection thanks to the seamless application. The benefits of this roofing are worth every penny. We will never try to upsell anything to you, just show you the pros and cons to help make your decision. Your roof is a major investment and we want to be part of making this experience as easy as possible for you. We can go over options, pricing, and see if this material is right for you and your business.  Contact the experts at (866) 902-3252 and inquire about Five Star Roofing‘s foam roofing installation now!

Benefits Of Foam Roofing

Spray Roofing

For a seamless looking roof, try spray roofing.

Many commercial roofs are made with multiple layers of roofing material, and then the seams are sealed in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, such roofing solutions fail as they age because the seams begin to weaken. Spray foam roofing is applied in a method that makes it seamless, which eliminates this issue. Additionally, foam coatings are incredibly flexible, which means that they can be sprayed on nearly any material, and accommodate rooftop protrusions with ease. Requiring almost no maintenance and known for being incredibly lightweight, a foam roofing installation can serve you more than 20 years when installed by an experienced roofer.

Dependable Foam Roof Installation

We suggest foam roofing for commercial structures, not only for the swift and easy installation but additionally for the cost-effectiveness. This roof solution additionally offers increased energy efficiency for the building, which you can enjoy for the lifespan of the roof. This roof system efficiently lowers your energy costs by reflecting the sunlight off of your roofing and keeping the rest of the building cooler in the process. Foam roof systems have been proven as an effective method of reducing energy costs by 30%! Call on our roof professionals now at (866) 902-3252, for a fast and cost-effective foam roofing installation. Let us get your roof to its best potential and keep it working the way it was made to for many years to come.