Green Roof Installation

Have you been noticing increasingly high energy bills for your commercial building, possibly caused by your aging roof system? In that scenario, you might benefit from an affordable green roof installation. Our team is extremely experienced in the roofing industry, and we can help you with a range of high-quality roofing services. To discover more, keep reading, or talk to one of our roofing professionals at (866) 902-3252 today!

Green Roof Installation

 Green Roof

A Green Roof Is Not Only Appealing to the Eye, but It Is Good for the Environment as Well.

If you are not entirely certain what green roofing is, you aren’t alone; the phrase often references more than one type of roof. Often times, roof coatings are referred to as green roof systems, primarily because they reduce the carbon footprint of your building, and positively impact the building’s energy usage. By enabling the roofers to apply a roof coating over the current roof, the existing roof will not end up in a dump, contributing to landfill waste. Roof coatings offer a fantastic reduction of energy waste by efficiently reflecting UV rays from your roof’s surface.

Green roofing can also refer to roofs that are actually coated with living vegetation. More typically utilized in European cities, these roofing systems deliver the dual purpose of both cooling the building, and the air surrounding it. As any person who has lived in both urban and rural areas knows, areas with plant life are often much cooler than areas such as heavily populated areas. Urban cities take up a lot of space, but green roofs offer plenty of space to cultivate native plant varieties. By including this type of green roof installation, densely inhabited cities are able to reduce urban heat problems, and even cut down on greenhouse gases created by additional energy requirements. Some buildings even use their green roofs to cultivate vegetable gardens or form habitats for local bird species.

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