Built Up Roofing Installation

Built Up

Built Up Roofs Add a Clean Look to a Commercial Roof.

If we consider what would be the best perks for the roofs on our buildings, there is always the consensus that the roofing system needs to be versatile, resilient, and will achieve lasting protection. Built up roofs, or gravel and asphalt roofing systems have the credibility of being a roofing system that introduces better protection than any other roof in the industry. For nearly 140 years, built up roofing systems have supplied the greatest protection for buildings like hospitals, restaurants, churches and schools, all across the world. Securing your roofing system can be difficult when it isn’t correctly assembled, but the roofers at Five Star Roofing  possess the experience, equipment, and skills to assemble a built up roofing system that is able to protect your structure against fire, severe weather, and other damages that can negatively impact your roofing system. Regardless if you need a built up roof for an eating establishment or an educational building, our roofing contractors are here to deliver fantastic installations; contact us now at (866) 902-3252 for the best built up roof assembling.

Decades of Security with Built Up Roof Installation

Because built up roofing systems have stayed around for over 140 years, they have the credibility and prominence of being durable roofing systems that distribute long-lasting protection to educational, hospitals, and other business structures. What makes built up roofs such a great roof is their ability to resist severe weather, holes, and even fire and strong winds. The the manner in which built-up roofing installations are able to attain long-lasting functionality is because has various layers of felt which are bonded together with tar and then gravel is introduced to the asphalt as an additional finish to the roof.

With the different layers, asphalt, and gravel functioning together, the built up roof is able to resist severe weather, wear and tear, and different outside factors that are able to impact a roofing system. The roofing contractors at Five Star Roofing are dedicated to providing our customers with sturdy built up roof installations, and we are able to achieve this by always assembling your roof accurately, that can bring you years of safety to your building.

Convert To a Built Up Roof with Our Installations

Our roofers are available to supply clients in our communities with an enhancement of their roofing systems with a high-quality built up roof installation. When you are looking for a roofing contractor who has years of experience assembling and maintaining built up roofs on eating establishments, medical, and several other commercial buildings, our roofers are able to introduce a better built up roofing system that is cost-effective, sturdy, and long-lasting. We can provide better built up roofing installations because of two things, 1) We only employ certified roofing contractors, and 2) We only utilize exceptional roof equipment and materials to provide you a better performing roof. Our built up roofing services include assembling and upkeep, to make sure you receive a quality roof that gives you the ideal protection. Make the call today at (866) 902-3252 when you are looking for built up roofing assembling. Our roofing contractors are here to schedule a consultation to enhance your roof right away.