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Rubber Roof Coating

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Do you own a rubber or EPDM roof system on your commercial property? As with any roofing system, your rubber roof works optimally when it is in good condition, and safe from damages. A complete rubber roofing installation or replacement can be very expensive, but with with a rubber roof restoration, you can conserve money and extend the life of your roof. At Five Star Roofing, we provide a selection of rubber roof coatings that are ideal for rubber roof restoration. Call (866) 902-3252 today to speak with a roofer about rubber roof coating.

Benefits of Rubber Roof Coatings

Roof coatings across the board are known to be affordable, efficient, and easy to apply, and rubber roof coatings aren’t the exception. Not just any roofing coating will do, though, and the type of roof coating you need depends on the type of rubber roofing you have. As an example, if you own a vulcanized rubber roofing system, you will need a specific type of rubber roof coating that can adhere to the thermoset material. An efficient roof coating relies on the proper materials and efficient application, but when completed properly, it can provide you with an additional 10 years for the life of your roof system.

Choosing The Right Roof Coating

If returning your rubber roofing to a working condition is your plan, ask us about rubber roof coatings. Roof restoration is a great method to get the defense you want out of your current roof, instead of needing to buy a completely new roofing system. The price is affordable, the longevity can be upwards of 10 years, and the protection is of the highest quality. If you would like to hear more about rubber roof coating, contact us today at (866) 902-3252! We’re experienced roofers, committed to customer service, and we can assist you with any and all of your roof restoration needs.