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Industrial Roof Coatings

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There are plenty of different types of commercial roofs, and the kind you require is dependent on the work that building is most often utilized for. Roof systems of manufacturing facilities, for example, require more protection, since they’re exposed to smokes and steams that pour out of the rooftop exhausts and vents. For such roofs, industrial roofing materials are required to provide the required protection on your roof. Since industrial roof systems are made with special materials, their roofing restoration requirements also call for special industrial-level materials. If you’re interested in discovering more about industrial roof coatings, call Five Star Roofing today at (866) 902-3252 to get started.

Industrial Roof Coating Experts

Have you ever wondered what makes common commercial roofing coatings so different from specialized industrial roof coatings? In a nutshell, industrial roof coatings are created to be much more resilient than common commercial roofing coatings, simply due to the fact that industrial coatings are exposed to more potential damages. Thanks to this reason, industrial roof coatings are particularly weather and damage resistant. Another thing that is necessary with industrial roof coatings, is the ability to fit around all of the protrusions and vents on the top of the roof. These protrusions are all potential leaking areas, so complete adhesion around all seams is critical. Industrial roof coatings effectively protect your roof, while extending the longevity by as many as ten years.

Prices For Industrial Roof Coatings

If you need the benefits of a newer industrial roof system, but you don’t want to purchase a brand new roof, an industrial roof coating may be the most effective solution! Roof coatings additionally allow you to save money on roof removal and dumping fees since the coatings can adhere on top of your former roofing system. When you need a budget-friendly and effective roofing option, you can count on our industrial roof coatings! Get started now by calling our team of roof professionals at (866) 902-3252!